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What we do

West Coast Veterinary Dental Services (WCVDS) is a referral based veterinary dental hospital. Your Referring Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (RDVM) will refer your pet to us to perform specialized care.

We perform specialized dental treatments and procedures that compliment your veterinarian’s scope of practice.

Specialized care may include:


COHAT is an acronym for Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment. Regular COHAT’s can help prevent periodontal disease.


The field of Endodontics encompasses the range of treatments used to deal with exposed pulp tissues and teeth that have “died” and become insensitive.

Fractured Teeth

In order to determine the best treatment for fractured teeth, physical and radiographic evaluations are essential.


Our primary objective is to provide your pet with a bite that is comfortable and functional.

Oral Surgery

There are many different types of oral surgery performed at WCVDS. They are dependent on the issue, whether it be trauma, cancer, a fractured jaw etc.

Radiograph Reviews

Our specialist will review your radiographs and complete a report that will be forwarded to you with your invoice.

Let's Care For Each Other

Why your pet may be referred to us

There are many reasons a veterinarian may suggest an appointment with a dental specialist. An oral or dental concern may have been noted during a routine visit or you have may have observed changes in your pet’s behaviour or eating habits that cause you concern. Rest assured your vet wants to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Your First Visit

West Coast Veterinary Dental Services has staff of Board Certified Dental Specialists and Registered Technicians that work in a surgical environment utilizing state of the art procedures and equipment. Your pet is cared for in an environment best suited for their size and species. Each pet has their own freshly laundered bed and is kept separate from any other pet.

Patients will have their consultation in the morning with the Specialist and then stay for the day to undergo the necessary procedure(s). They will be discharged in the afternoon of the same day. We do not offer overnight care.

Only your veterinarian can refer your pet to West Coast Veterinary Dental Services. We do not accept patients without a referral. Please discuss your pet’s oral concerns with your regular veterinarian


Appointment Preparation

  • Your dog (over 4 months) should not have anything to eat after midnight the night before the consultation.
  • Access to water is fine up until 6am in the morning.
  • Your cat (over 4 months) should not have anything to eat or drink after 6am in the morning.
  • Puppies and kittens under 4 months should have a 1/3 or their normal breakfast before 7am the day of appointment.
  • “Pocket pets” (rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.) should not have food or water withheld.

You may complete the pet owner information form and patient questionnaire in advance or at the clinic at the time of your appointment. We look forward to meeting you and working alongside your regular veterinarian in providing quality care to keep your pet(s) happy and healthy.

If your pet is in need of dental care, please get in touch!