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Fractured Teeth


In order to determine the best treatment for fractured teeth, physical and radiographic evaluations are essential.  Once the patient is anaesthetized, physical evaluation can be performed on the fractured teeth using a dental explorer and a periodontal probe.  In order to complete the evaluation process, dental radiographs of the fractured tooth will be obtained.

Once the assessment has been completed there will likely be different options for treatment, including extractions, restorations, or endodontics.

Extractions will be done if the root is not healthy enough for an endodontic treatment, if the tooth is severely damaged or if the client chooses extraction over endodontic treatment.

Extractions are performed by our Board Certified Dental Specialist.  Typically pre and post radiographs are obtained during the procedure.  Extraction sites are closed with a suture material that dissolves in 15-21 days.  Our doctors recommend a 7 day follow up recheck to ensure the extraction site is healing well and is healthy.  Pain management will be sent home with the pet and the doctor may also send antibiotics if necessary.

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Why your pet may be referred to us

There are many reasons a veterinarian may suggest an appointment with a dental specialist. An oral or dental concern may have been noted during a routine visit or you have may have observed changes in your pet’s behaviour or eating habits that cause you concern. Rest assured your vet wants to provide the best possible care for your pet.

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The field of Endodontics encompasses the range of treatments used to deal with exposed pulp tissues and teeth that have “died” and become insensitive.

Fractured Teeth

In order to determine the best treatment for fractured teeth, physical and radiographic evaluations are essential.


Our primary objective is to provide your pet with a bite that is comfortable and functional.

Oral Surgery

There are many different types of oral surgery performed at WCVDS. They are dependent on the issue, whether it be trauma, cancer, a fractured jaw etc.

Radiograph Reviews

Our specialist will review your radiographs and complete a report that will be forwarded to you with your invoice.

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